About Us

About Us

GHI, or Golden Hospitality International is an Egyptian based hotel management
chain established in 2018. We are involved in many activities that vary from
renting, managing and developing five and four star hotels in different
destinations all over Egypt. Our slogan is “Feel at home” as we aim for our
guests to feel completely comfortable and at ease.

We have used the experience and knowledge gained through 25 years in the hotel
field, which is a major part of our business.

The Company is proud to have a professional management team comprised of
different nationalities with vast understanding and knowledge in this area. Our
team has participated in special training programs to develop their skills and to
achieve the necessary standards in the hospitality field. The feeling of belonging
is the basis of our service culture: belonging starts here.

Moreover, we are totally committed to serving our guests’ needs and to provide
the required maintenance for the properties through applying and following the
international standard. These standards are based on a clear structure and easy-tofollow
process regularly.

We mix fun with professionalism, and we balance casual with formality.
Our Mediterranean hospitality and being guest-centered sets us apart.


The company’s goal is to support its project expansion programs in order to
develop people, hotels. and to manage 3000 rooms by 2025

GHI offers all aspects of technical assistance throughout the phases of
developing hotel projects, in particular as feasibility studies, support project
drawings, designing, pre-opening and recruitment. In addition to its massive
experience in sales, marketing and E-marketing, in co-operation with
worldwide major international reservation systems.

GHI participates regularly in many tourist and travel industry workshops,
fairs and exhibitions in different regions to guarantee its participation and
involvement in the local and global market.


We believe in promoting eco-sustainable development by conducting
business activities in a way that minimizes any factors that would affect our
environment. GHI continuously follows its core beliefs in providing quality
service to meet the guests’ expectations.

GHI Objective

The company’s top objective is to position itself as a brand and company standard within the national and international tourism sector, and to ensure that each and every one of its projects is profitable. It also aims to make the most of its expansive experience in vacation and city hotel management to satisfy the expectations of its main clients (guests, shareholders, employees, partners and collaborators, suppliers and public administrations) as well as to seize business opportunities.


Our vision is to magnify the significance of customers’ bonds throughout every experience at any of GHI hotels and resorts. We also aim to share diverse hospitality experiences worldwide.


To be a leading local brand in the region that is profitable to the owners, adding value to the guests and team members alike. Our strength is our commitment to our stakeholders.

GHI Culture



Always positive and upbeat, never heavy or negative. We are positive people.



Always genuine and true, never fake or forced. We do things from the heart.



Always energetic and eager, never passive or spiritless. We are full of life.



Always simple and easy, never complicated or unclear. We get to the heart of the matter

Core Values

We value our commitment to our Owners, Potential Guests, Suppliers and Team Members alike. These are the practices we use every time, every day, everywhere in everything we do within GHI


We treat our team members, guests, partners and suppliers with mutual respect, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contribution.


GHI Hotels team is loyal, supportive of each other's efforts and with one another


At GHI we are dedicated to satisfying our guests needs and honoring the commitments that we have made to them.


We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do and are committed to delivering high quality service to our guests.