A COLLECTION OF EXCEPTIONAL UPPER UPSCALE HOTELS Where inspiring stays are rooted in the extraordinary.

The Turrim Resorts experience gives you the chance to enjoy exceptional properties in extraordinary locations. With top quality credentials, they provide elegant and luxurious facilities, highly personalized services, ultra-modern amenities and a deluxe level of comfort. Rare. Faultless. Discerning.

Nothing about a Turrim Resorts is average or run-of-the-mill. Each one is a gateway into a new world of discovery and personal enrichment where every contact is a chance to create a truly unforgettable memory.

Experience the extraordinary in a 5 star Turrim Resorts

Savor a real experience at the heart of our 5 star Turrim Resorts. These exceptional establishments are waiting for you in the most beautiful destinations in egypt, ready to transform your trip into a wonderland full of luxury and special touches. Surrounded by caring staff, pampered by a long list of personalized and extremely high-quality services, you can relax in luxury rooms and suites, magnificent spas and savor local delicacies in our gourmet restaurants. In an elegant, sophisticated and comfortable environment tailored to you, you will enjoy an exceptional stay in luxury resorts full of state-of-the-art equipment.